Fashion Sense and Brains, Students Wear it Well

With new fashions coming into style everyday, students are hitting their favorite clothing stores. The new must have of the season for girls is leggings, but more importantly galaxy leggings which pertains to the pattern design. They were first seen at Forever 21 and Top Shop.

The new style for guys is more of a classic clean look perfected by Forever21 and H&M. But for a more urban look, many people go to JC Penney’s, or Burlington Coat Factory.

If you don’t like to shop at stores and dealing with hard to find sizes or annoying sales people, you can always shop online. Many people find shopping online to be much more convenient and better than the stores. Some of the best websites to shop online are Karmaloop, Plnder, Fab, and Amazon.

One of the most important things to remember about fashion is that it repeats itself. This will save people the time and money that goes into being a fashion forward person. The best thing for people to do is save old fashions that go out of style until they come back into style twenty years later. A fashion that will never go out of style are Jordans. Guys and girls all over the world pay hundreds for these sneakers. The most someone has ever paid for a pair is $599.00. People who are avid Jordan collectors are referred to as Sneekerheads.

Another new fashion trend is having unique phone cases and covers.  From iPhones to Android phones, people are going crazy over new and different phone cases. Many girls are going with Louis Vutton style phone cases and Marilyn Monroe cases. The guys seem to much rather prefer the simple colored border.

Whatever you style might be, there is always a place for you to shop and express yourself.