Movie Review: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Have you ever said, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story?” A lot of people have so-called “funny stories” which is a euphemism for leading a complicated life. Craig Gilner certainly lives one.

In order to be accepted into his school, he had to study non-stop. His best friend’s girlfriend, Nia, also happens to be Craig’s long-time crush.

Craig attends a highly prestigious boarding school with very high academic expectations. While studying incessantly, he is also dealing with the fact that Nia will never be his. The stress between lost love and school, pressure this typical teenager into depression. He begins using marijuana, which eventually causes him to be suicidal.

Clueless as to what he should do, he calls a suicide hotline in desperation. They instruct Craig to check himself into a mental rehabilitation facility as soon as possible. He visits his doctor and the doctor and the doctor prescribes a five-day stay at the psych ward. Craig is perfectly fine with that and recognizes his need for help. His parents fully support him in seeking help from professionals.

Once inside the ward, Craig realizes he is not comfortable staying there; but unfortunately for him, he must stay the five days. He keeps to himself until Bobby, a mental patient looking to better himself, introduces himself and the other patients. Noelle, the teenage cutter down the hall, is the girl Craig falls in love with.

Very few movies have the ability to warm your heart, but this happens to do more than that. You will become attached to the characters: such as Bobby for his mentor-like bond with Craig. Also, Craig takes the initiative to help himself. I would recommend this movie to someone who recognizes and appreciates the valuable lessons that this movie has to offer. This is just one of those “funny stories” you would definitely want to hear.