Bus Bother

The bus shortages have created issues for students, including me. It’s not the bus drivers fault for being late to the bus stops because they work on a rushed schedule to get students to and from school. Waiting ten to fifteen minutes for the bus to show up is all right, but waiting more than 30 minutes is pushing it. The busing schedule should be revised by the Clark County School District because it has created a myriad of troubles for students. 

Spring Valley isn’t the only school that has experienced bus shortages, it is a district wide issue. Being a bus driver is hardly anyone’s first choice to pick as a career because it’s like being a chauffeur to kids. The low pay that comes with being a bus driver is also unappealing. Due to the pandemic, many bus drivers were laid off as students were remote learning. There’s a lack of bus drivers, approximately about 200 in CCSD. 

I’ve experienced troubles with the shortage of buses. My bus is supposed to come to my bus stop around 6:20 am and get to school around 6:40 am. Sometimes the bus comes 10 minutes late from its estimated arrival time. However, waiting in the blazing hot sun or freezing cold can irk students. The anticipation for the bus to come keeps students on their toes. There’s other buses that pick up students from my bus stop and we hope that the bus that’s merging to the bus area is our designated one. Considering the bus shortage problem, it is too much for students to be waiting for an hour or more for the bus to come. Once my bus picked us up at 7:45 am and arrived at school at 8:05. The students who rode my bus and I missed a whole class period which set us behind in our class. The long waiting times for a bus to come has negatively impacted students. 

Hearing from other students, the bus isn’t a reliable transportation method anymore. Since the bus has come late multiple times, the only option to get to school on time is by Uber or RTC buses. The cost for other modes of transportation can be pricey and not everyone can afford a ride to and back. Depending on the distance from their house to school can be inconvenient for their parents to drive them. Personally, I’ve resorted to having my parents drive me to school but how gas prices are, the hassle to just get to school is much more. 

Families may have other places to go to like work and don’t have time to drive their kid(s) all the way to their designated school. The bus is the only option for many families and expect for their child to get to school on time with no complications. In addition, high school students still ride the bus because not everyone has the privilege to drive and own their own car. If the bus frequently comes late, then why bother waking up early to catch the bus? 

The bus drivers try to make an effort to get to the bus stop on time and are the scapegoat for why the bus is late, but the bus drivers also feel bad for getting to school late. The students should consider the bus shortage dilemma before slandering the actual bus driver because they can’t do anything about the bus shortage. 

Adjustments to the busing schedule such as not overbooking bus drivers or not taking on too many routes can alleviate the tension bus drivers experience. Not only will this benefit bus drivers, but the students as well in their school life. The RTC buses should still be utilized for those who live close to their designated school. The Clark County School district could make more of an effort of hiring more bus drivers because there are people who are in desperate need of a job and would like a chance. The various solutions to lessen the problem of bus shortages should be reviewed and implemented because it’s not fair to students and bus drivers.