‘AlienPods’ Pro


It’s Snoopy! It’s Bellsprout! Nevermind, they’re just the brand new Airpods Pro. The public has named them the most uncomfortable looking pair of wireless headphones created in 2019. 

Although these peculiar alien like headphones are unpleasing to the eye, they come with more benefits than the Airpods two and under. A button separates the headphones features of transparency mode and audio noise cancelling mode. The audio transparency mode allows the user to hear what’s going on around them, which is a neat feature for nosey kids. These ‘one size fits all’ headphones allow you to hear the music without hearing the world around you with the noise cancelling feature. 

Not to worry, the headphones are wind proof as well! The Airpods Pro are designed to improve call quality in windy or rainy weather while still receiving excellent feedback from the other half of the call. The headphones are also sweat resistant for gym goers and rain resistant for the street runners but they’re not waterproof; please do not swim or shower in these headphones, the results will not be enchanting. 

The disadvantages of the Airpods are that they’re very expensive and they can be easily misplaced due to how small they are. Another thing is that they drain your phone’s battery faster than the earlier versions of Airpods. 

Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives for this product and many say that the headphones are worth the money.