Stephen King’s Netflix horror grows on you

Stephen Kings Netflix horror grows on you

Netflix’s recent addition to the horror genre, “In The Tall Grass”, written by Stephen King and Joe Hill is an original novella that leaves its audience in a puzzled state. On October 7th, the full horror movie novella was released. In 2012, parts were released in Esquire Magazine, and now Netflix subscribers get to relive this confusing and horrific story.

The story follows adult brother Cal (Avery Whitted) and sister Becky (Laysla DeOliviera), who are on their way to San Diego. Becky is pregnant during this trip and needs to throw up, causing them to pull over alongside a large field of tall grass. They begin to hear a young boy’s voice call out for help and decide to go search for him. Once the two enter, they become separated from one another and are left to find each other or the way out. As the pair begin to meet new people, they encounter more threats and mysteries that lie within the grass.

Although the movie itself is not for everyone, it is good to keep an open mind when watching the film. It is heavily atmospheric with a sense of dread and unknowing thought. It has a good plot, with enough mystery to keep you on your feet and your heart racing. It’s a gripping thriller that makes you question and want to know more. The movie is very thought-provoking and requires attention in order for it to make sense. Understanding the concept of time will help with understanding the ending without needing to know much background.

The movie does include some plot holes throughout the film that are never explained and that might confuse some viewers. The story is complex, not just a traditional jumpscare horror film. It requires a lot of patience and understanding. The visuals are stunning, and they help build the atmosphere and help viewers feel a tidal wave of emotions. It is a great film that definitely has Stephen King’s signature written all over it.