Canyon Springs transfer brings new expectations


The Grizzly offense will be led by the ex-Canyon Springs High School quarterback (QB) Sylo Staton who transferred to Spring Valley last year. Sylo is hoping to lead the team to their second consecutive playoff birth this season. Although the Grizzlies have been inconsistent in their playoff regime in previous years, Staton is ready to take charge and change the path of the Grizzlies.

“This season is gonna be exciting, I’m excited to showcase my abilities and win and go to playoffs,” said Staton of the 2017 football season. “We’ve got a great coach, a great offensive coordinator who gives us a great plan, so all we have to do is execute. Hopefully we will have a good season.”

Due to transfer eligibility rules Sylo had to sit his junior year out. In the midst of that, head varsity football coach Marcus Teal is hoping to pick up where ex-quarterback KC Moore left off.

“Sylo has done a great job this year of picking up where KC Moore left off last year, we got a new offense and we are finding new ways to make plays all over the field,” said Coach Teal.

Staton considers himself to be more of a ‘dual threat’ type of QB than KC was. Because of the change of the styled QB, the coaching staff needed to change the plans to fit Statons scheme.

“He gives us the ability to spread the field more and be able to keep the defense thinking,” said football player Michael Mararo.

According to multiple players on the team Staton brings more than just talent to the team.

“Sylo takes so much pride in his team, he wants to win,” said Varsity football player Cash Jenkins. “He is a leader on the team his voice is heard throughout the program.”

The QB is the stereotypical leader of the team. Players look to the QB for the successes or failures brought upon during a season. Sylo has been playing football his whole life and the quarterback position is not intimidating to him because he is very use to the position.

“Its great for me,” Sylo said. “I’m used to playing quarterback because I played the position when I was younger and it’s nothing new to me I love the competition and I love competing in the quarterback position.”

The team’s goal is to make it to playoffs, however, the Grizzlies have lost two conference games this year and are ready to get back on track.

“If we take it one game at a time and one play at a time we will be successful,” said Staton. “The coaches gave us some really nice new plays and I got some athletic teammates with me so I think we can go pretty far.”

As the 2017-2018 season continues Staton has been making great marks by beating the Eldorado Sun Devils and the Valley Vikings. So far this season Staton has a 89.0 QB rating with 5 passing touchdowns and 360 yards through the air. Also picking up 219 yards rushing for 2 touchdown. Sylo is hoping to bring the team to the playoffs and possibly state as well as catch the eye of college recruiters.

“It hit me hard but I know that if I have a really good senior year it will put me back on their lists [college recruiters] and I am really excited for the season and I am happy for this team.” said Staton.