Varsity Quiz Team Earns Best Record Yet!


The Varsity Quiz Team

The Varsity Quiz team at Spring Valley High School has continued their winning streak dominating the Desert Oasis team 150 to 35. This win has taken the Spring Valley team to and undefeated first place in the Southwest division.

The Varsity Quiz team has been at Spring Valley for over four years and for the first time is close to being able to compete at a state level. If they accomplish this amazing feat, they will perform on television for the state competition. Varsity Quiz team has also pummeled Calvary Chapel Christian High School, Durango, Sierra Vista (2nd in district), and Moapa Valley. In the play-offs, the Varsity Quiz team was defeated by Valley High School, an IB  preparatory school who was one of the top schools last year.

Adviser Lisa Keith said, “We have three more games before we can make it to the state finals. That has been the goal of the team for the season, but being undefeated was a big accomplishment for Spring Valley.”

Mrs. Keith works to get the team ready by constant practicing with random potential quiz questions. Mrs. Keith said that she has high hopes for this season and believes the team has a high chance of being able to perform on Channel 10 PBS.

At the end of the season, Donald Keith represented the Varsity Quiz team in the Varsity Quiz All Stars to air on Channel 10 PBS station on Thursday, March 14.

Andrew Kruse, one of the team’s top scorers, specializes his scoring ability in mathematics being able to solve some of the most complex geometric and algebraic questions in seconds. Dean Dickens, another team member, specializes in all things science knowing almost anything from the solar system to the complexity of Avogadro’s law. Nam Nguyen, a team member, is an all star in all things sports, but also has a extensive knowledge in the singing sensation Justin Bieber and pop culture.

Above all these devoted Grizzlies work to obtain their goal of going to state, being able to perform on television allows them to become more popular within colleges eyes and also within the community. There are over ten scholarships associated with Varsity Quiz, and those high scorers in high school can be invited to colleges to compete at a college level. Colleges such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton accept programs associated with Varsity Quiz and even have teams of their own. Performing on television will show colleges their skills and only help them in the future.

If you would like to be a part of the Varsity Quiz team contact Mrs. Keith in room 213. The team is always looking for new people looking to answer the toughest questions in a team sport! The new season will start next September!